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The Meadows
Weddings, Receptions, Family Reunions, Company Parties – The Meadow is surrounded by huge ancient weeping willow trees could be the perfect setting for a dream wedding. Dappled shade and a warm sunny lawn ensure your guests will be comfortable in their individual preferences. Logs line the beach and of course the view is Deer Lake, a spring and snow fed lake surrounded by green mountains rising up around it.
Of course a family reunion or office party could also be held on these lush lawns, they are edged by nice horseshoe pits and a sand volleyball court and with the steady sunshine we get in the inland northwest summers you could have a blast here! Less than an hour away from Spokane.
How about a snow skiing retreat for your loyal employees, or family Christmas get-together in our lodgings? We have cabins, beach houses and 2 condos to accommodate your needs. Ski by day at Chewelah's 49º North resort just a short drive away, then relax by Deer Lake at night. You'll go home ready for whatever life brings after enjoying the pristine beauty of northern Washington state and Deer Lake Resort.